Helpful Travel Information For Cyprus

South Cyprus Is an EU Country

  1. Language: Greek & English
  2. Currency: Euro €
  3.  Driving: We drive on the left and in kilometers
  4. Car Hire requirements: Minimum age 21 and must have held a full license for 3 years

Driving in Cyprus

The country’s driving rules are very similar to the UK, with left-hand driving and signs are in English and Greek

You will find visiting larger towns and city’s very easy and all of Cyprus is on google maps so all you will need is your mobile to get around. It’s always handy to download maps when you have a good WIFI connection, (WIFI is free in all major places). Another handy tip is to bring a phone car charger with you.

When visiting smaller towns and more rural villages you will find the roads can become narrow and winding. Uneven and sometimes unsuitable for a normal car,